Main Characters


The Guns of November portrays the life-altering decisions and actions of fictional and ‘real’ characters as they face insurmountable odds and danger in the 1838 invasion by Americans to free Canada from British rule.

JOSEPH THORN - a New York Attorney , advisor to President Van Buren in charge of keeping peace  along the American/ Canadian border.

AMOS THORN,  Joseph’s son, an idealist, defies his father to join the Patriot Hunters movement to  liberate Canada

SAMUAL COLT a pragmatic, wily con-man, to deliver rifles to the Canadian Rebels. Inventor of the repeater rifle - Selling his guns to whom ever will buy.

DORA MULLOY - Amos’ love interest, a Canadian barmaid descended from Revolutionary War Loyalists.  She turns her attentions to the ruthless British Lieutenant Bullock who promises to take her to London.

ISAAC MULLOY (15) - Dora’s young orphaned American cousin - has divided loyalties but hero worship leads him to follow and help Amos. 


LT. JAMES BULLOCK (30) - only son of a British aristocrat determined to rise in the ranks uses any action or person to get ahead. 

SIR ROLAND BULLOCK (60)  - British aristocrat used to getting what he wants - others are meant  to serve him..even die.

DANIEL TURNER (45)  - British prosecutor  - career going nowhere in Canada - wants the big time.

SAMUEL COLT (23)  - Inventor of the repeater rifle - Selling his guns to whom ever will buy. The British, American Army, Canadian Rebels, and The Patriot Hunters.